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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 29, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, hard landing. a rough landing sends a delta plane to a skidding stop. the brakes overheat, a tire blows, and the plane catches fire forcing passengers to evacuate downslide. we have the latest. the palin express. today sarah palin kicks off a big but seemingly spur of the moment bus tour to key historic sites across the country. could this be a first move towards a presidential run? tears of a mother. casey anthony's mother takes the stand with emotional testimony in the trial of her daughter who is accused of killing her granddaughter. it was damaging testimony for her daughter, and we go inside this family drama. and otter control. look at this. how this child became the animal's entertainment at an aquarium. we show you who finally tired out first.
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and good morning. we hope you're enjoying your long holiday weekend. as you can see, dan harris is off. we have another dan, our legal analyst, dan abrams. >> i'm the poor man's dan. i'm fearing at the end of the hour, there is only going to be one dan, and it's not going to be this guy. >> i'm surprised you're still nice to me. we had you working both days in memorial day weekend. instead of being away, you're a trouper. >> well, thank you. >> we're looking forward to having you here. since you've been in new york you've seen this all around new york. you see a bunch of sailors. it's fleet week. we're happy to have them all docked here on this memorial day weekend. >> it looks like they're having a great time. >> they deserve it. they definitely deserve it. we're lucky to have emeril on board with great grilling recipes before you fire up the barbecue weekend. dan, you're going to be grilling? >> a little nerve-racking, my first "gma" food segment. >> are you ready? >> i'm afraid i might put too many chilies on.
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and emeril might sort of scold me. can you imagine my first segment getting a verbal spanking from emeril on national television? sir, i told you, three chilies. you put in six. >> i'm nervous. fingers crossed it works out for this guy. also this morning, the parents who are keeping their new baby's gender a secret. their controversial decision not to let anyone know their infant's sex and to let the child determine his or her own gender role. it set off a firestorm of criticism. now the parents are fighting back, and we'll tell you what they have to say. but we do begin with some frightening moments for a plane load of passengers on board a delta flight in atlanta. lisa stark is here with the details. and why, lisa, they're fortunate there are only minor injuries involved here. >> absolutely. it looked dangerous, indeed. everything seemed fine on the flight from pittsburgh to atlanta, and it was until the plane touched down at the airport and blew a tire. passengers could tell right away something was wrong. it was a jarring scene. delta flight 2284 on the atlanta
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tarmac. smoke engulfing the rear of the plane. >> you started to smell rubber, and then there was smoke in the cabin, and the plane came to a very fast halt. >> reporter: the crew and passengers, all 48, forced to evacuate from the side of the plane downslide as fire crews rushed to the scene to put out the fire. it all started as the md-88 came in for landing. at least one tire blew out on the jet causing the brakes to overheat sparking a fire. >> out of 32,000 approximate flights over the united states every day, just commercial flights, this sort of thing almost never happens, and any sort of a landing where the crew uses maximum braking effort, which is probably what occurred here, you're going to put so much energy in the brakes that they're going to get glowing hot and they'll start smoking. >> reporter: according to passengers, the pilot acted quickly and calmly moving everyone from harm's way. >> the crew did, you know, took cake of us very well. the emergency personnel were all
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fantastic. >> reporter: there were only three injuries, all minor, and treated at the scene. >> no one was seriously injured. maybe a few scratches from the slide. but everyone came out okay, which is -- that's the most important thing about it all. >> whew. looks scary, didn't it? >> fortunate people there indeed. so what are investigators going to be looking at as they try to assess what happened? >> delta mechanics were on the scene very quickly, as you can imagine. they're going to look at that tire to see if that was the problem. they're going to look at the brakes and they're going to look back at the flight recorder to see how the plane came down. all will be examined to try to figure out what went wrong here. >> all right. lisa, thank you. we appreciate you coming in. >> thank you. >> dan? president obama is just back from a week-long european trip and will travel to joplin, missouri, today. he'll get a firsthand look at the massive destruction caused by that monster tornado that killed at least 139 people. abc's matt gutman is there for us this morning. so, matt, with a presidential visit, every detail becomes crucial. what exactly are we expecting the president will see today? >> reporter: hey, good morning,
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dan. well, he's going to arrive in a few hours, and the first thing he'll do is drive right down this street through the six miles of destruction. we've done it ourselves. it takes about 15 minutes from start to finish, and it's totally disorienting. there are no landmarks. there are no street signs, st. mary's used to be a grand two-story edifice, no more. then he'll talk to rescuers, people who, you know, unburied themselves out of the rubble, clawed their way out to get back to their hospitals to treat patients. incredible stories of heroics that you would think were improbable if they were in a movie. finally he'll speak and make remarks at joplin's community memorial, a week after the tornado struck but incidentally we've been talking to people for a couple of days and they're so busy rebuilding and clearing the rubble that nobody has been talking about the president's visit. >> i want to follow up on something because yesterday we showed everyone this video from right after the tornado hit. let's watch it first. >> sarah, mike!
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>> so, i understand, there was a happy ending to that video. >> reporter: yeah, a great happy ending. two new beginnings, that was aaron cox looking for his sister sarah. his father, aaron's father worked in the emergency room here helping patients doing surgery. his mother worked in the morgue for two days, but yesterday that couple, mackenzie watson and eric cox got married here at the first methodist church. they said if they lived through that, they can certainly have a very happy life together. incidentally, sarah and mike are also getting married this summer and i spoke to sarah afterwards. she said if they can survive there, there's quite like a near death experience to cement your love for someone. dan? >> amid all the horrors, some inspirational stories. thank you, matt. bianna? all right, dan, we're going to turn to politics now. all eyes are on the wildcard in the race for the white house. sarah palin. she's said to kick off a bus
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tour off the east coast today. renewing speculation whether shell's run for president. david kerley is in washington with more. david, this really says a lot about her supportive fan base. >> reporter: it does because we don't know a lot about this, bianna. here's what we do know. this morning sarah palin will start a bus tour of the northeast here in washington. here's what we don't know, where is the bus? is she speaking? where does she go next? is this all a publicity stunt or the launch of a presidential campaign? that's right. a grizzly. not sure if it's a momma, opens sarah palin's video announcing she is launching a bus tour. >> we have a vision for the future of the country and it is a vision anchored in time tested proof. >> reporter: she said she'll visit historical sites. gettysburg, the statue of liberty, even an early primary state, new hampshire, to talk about the foundations of the country. her advisers told us the schedule would be available this weekend. not so far. so is this a highly planned palin secret or a by the seat of the pants palin plan, and does it really matter?
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>> the exuberance of her fan base really makes up for a lot of shortcomings on the organizational side from fund-raising, all she has to do is throw up a website, occasionally refer to it in a facebook post, and she can raise a lot of money. >> reporter: so what is this all about? is she ready to run? >> the fire in the belly, it's there. >> this is a bit of a rerollout. this is a chance for her to try to reintroduce herself in a more retail politics, grassroots way. >> reporter: more than 40% of all republicans aren't happy with their presidential field, which is why michele bachmann, another social conservative, is considering a run. >> i don't see myself as a competitor to governor palin or to mitt romney. i see my competitor, barack obama. >> reporter: and just this weekend, rudy giuliani announced a surprise visit to new hampshire, and all of a sudden texas governor rick perry is saying -- >> i'm going to think about it, but i think about -- i think about a lot of things. >> reporter: somebody else is
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thinking about it, too, as well. we're hearing that former governor george pataki is actually thinking about a potential run so the soap opera of the republican nominee process continues, bianna. >> things are getting interesting. david, we appreciate it. thank you. now let's bring in "this week" host christiane amanpour from washington with more. good morning, christiane. good to see you. >> good morning, bianna. >> well, with the republican presidential field just starting to take shape, how could a sarah palin candidacy shake things up? >> well, assuming there is one, and as david has said, many pundits and analysts said, she has not done and made most steps yet that are required before jumping into a race so we'll keep watching this but most people say that what would happen is that she would, quote, suck up all the oxygen, in other words, as you can see even two years after the last election, she's still, having her party not won that election a big, big media magnet and so people are worried. people who would get into the race, that she would suck up all the attention.
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>> and what kind of an impact would a governor perry or a giuliani candidacy throw into the republican party nomination? >> well, look, right now people are watching and waiting to see how this republican party field is going to shape up. some have said they're waiting for really sort of the dream candidate. as yet people have got in, governor romney is about to announce. we're also going to be talking to governor tim pawlenty, former governor of minnesota, who just announced this week, and really they're trying to get out there and establish their brands, establish their name recognition and see if they can light a fire under the faithful, because as of yet, as you've seen, nothing wildly exciting has taken place according to the pundits and the analysts inside the republican field right now. >> and i want to turn quickly to your interview with former governor pawlenty. how does he hope to break out of this pack right now? >> well, he's admitted and knows very well that he perhaps doesn't have as wide a name
7:11 am
recognition as he would want, but he did say to me that obviously by force of running, that will happen. but also he has laid the groundwork quite carefully over the last year or so and did splash into his announcement with a big round of television interviews, all throughout the week, and i think he's going to really be working on, as he admits, increasing that name recognition. >> christiane, we'll have to leave it there. we appreciate your time. thank you so much and be sure to join christiane later on abc's "this week" when she talks exclusively to former governor tim pawlenty and indiana governor mitch daniels. dan? in florida a dramatic end to the first week of the murder trial of casey anthony accused of killing her daughter caylee. casey's own mother testifying for the prosecution broke down in tears as she recalled the short life of her only granddaughter. ashleigh banfield has more. >> reporter: another emotional roller coaster for casey anthony's family as her mother was called to the stand and asked to identify her granddaughter's toys.
7:12 am
>> caylee's. caylee's sandbox. >> reporter: a picture perfect playhouse was flashed in court to show the care and attention the anthonys lavished on their granddaughter. >> all of the landscaping around the house, did you do that? >> george and i did that. >> reporter: casey broke down in the recess that followed. her lawyers trying to console her, but the pictures and memories would prove once again too much for cindy anthony. >> i can't look at my granddaughter without getting upset. >> sorry. >> i'm trying very hard not to cry. >> reporter: her testimony was damaging to her daughter. cindy anthony listed out the lies and excuses her daughter told her as to why she couldn't see or speak to little caylee for a month. >> there was always a reason why i missed her. she was called in to work. there was a car accident. she told me that she was actually in jacksonville. >> reporter: casey has now
7:13 am
admitted the child was dead all along. >> after june 15th of 2008, did you see your granddaughter caylee again? >> no, ma'am, i did not. >> anthony lazaro. >> reporter: casey's ex-boyfriend took the stand as well for the fourth time and read text messages she sent him. >> i'm so sorry for not telling you what happened. we obviously need to talk. if they don't find her, guess who gets blamed and spends an eternity in jail. >> reporter: but a lifetime in jail could be a welcome alternative to the death penalty she's now facing. for "good morning america," ashleigh banfield, abc news. >> dan, of course, you've been covering this case since the very beginning. there was also some damaging testimony from her mother about their backyard swimming pool. what was that? >> very important piece of evidence because the defense is saying that caylee drowned in the swimming pool. the mom testified, well, you know what, the ladder that she would need to get into the pool, i moved it.
7:14 am
so that right away undermines the defense's claim that caylee drowned in the pool because according to mom, very unlikely that could have happened. >> she couldn't have even gotten in basically without the ladder. such a dramatic week this first week of the trial. how would you assess it? >> you know, look, it's been a rough week for the defense. not surprising, this is the prosecution's case. but when you have both parents effectively testifying against the -- their daughter and, you know, most of the time you get this reluctantly. and i'm not saying these parents are happy about being there. they're not, but they're offering very damaging specific evidence against the defense's case, which on a practical legal matter is difficult and on an emotional level. i mean on an emotional level is making it a difficult case, i'm sure, for them to watch and for the defense. >> we know you'll be following the trial as it continues on "gma" and abc platforms. we appreciate it. >> absolutely. >> thank you. ron, a check of the other headlines.
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>> actually i changed my name to dan. dan claiborne. good morning, everyone. cities and towns along the missouri river are bracing for more flooding. the western states including montana and the dakotas are preparing for more heavy rain as officials and residents scramble to protect the property. the army corps of engineers started releasing massive amounts of water from overburdened reservoirs which is predicted to cause flooding downstream and jackie will have more coming up. in afghanistan, a government official says a nato air strike in the volatile southwestern helmand province accidentally hit 2 civilian homes killing 14 women and children and the strike follows a taliban attack in northern afghanistan that killed a top police commander. and a bus crash in washington state has left two people dead and more than a dozen injured. the bus crashed into a disabled pickup truck on the shoulder of the road saturday night causing the bus to skid on to its side. two passengers on that bus were killed, and a man standing by the disabled vehicle was
7:16 am
seriously injured. and a small fire at dodger stadium last night forced some fans from their seats in the upper decks. smoke enveloped the upper level seats on the first base side of the stadium, but the fire was contained in a storage area. the only person left in that area, by the way, was the television cameraman, intrepid that he is, and through it all, the game went on and the dodgers lost. one year in 40 seconds or rather seven dog years and 40 seconds. take a look at this time lapse video of dunder, the german shepard as it grows from eight weeks to one year. byron louis, the owner, took a photo of him every day and put together -- they show him growing, the dog, that is, from a small puppy to a full-grown animal. >> they have a lot of time on their hands. >> yes, apparently dunder saw this i couldn't believe it. >> we assume that you are also an animal lover. everyone here at "gma" -- >> of course, and if i weren't an animal lover, do you think
7:17 am
that i would -- >> well -- >> it still happened. >> believe it or not -- >> if i weren't, i assure you the answer would still be yes. >> we have someone on the set that doesn't like cats. >> we come clean. i'm allergic. >> big difference. once again, jackie, please help me out with the weather. >> all right, a very good morning to you all, bianna, ron and dan abrams. okay, let's start off with a very mysterious looking live shot. here's a hint. wls, they put the name up in the monitor. well, you can't see the city because of all the fog. chicago, that fog will burn off in the afternoon. you only have a high of 68 but for memorial day you get up to 90. now, we do have the threat of severe weather today from the dakotas stretching eastward all the way into western new york and, ron, you did mention the flooding in montana. they are expecting an additional inch of rain today.
7:18 am
>> bianna and our latest animal lover dan abrams. the nba finals tip off in miami on tuesday, and in many ways it'll be a showdown between the league's old guard and its young guns. >> that's right. it'll be the dallas mavericks taking on the miami heat, and for a lot of people, that means these finals are good guys versus bad guys. here's espn's rachel nichols. >> reporter: they burned his jersey in the streets. that's how much hatred erupted last summer when lebron james left cleveland for miami. so now that the heat are back in the national spotlight playing
7:19 am
dallas for the nba title, players on both sides have a pretty good idea why it's the mavericks who for the next two weeks will suddenly become america's team. >> they're playing the miami heat. there you go. you know, we're not going to be their favorites from this standpoint. >> beat the heat, beat the heat. >> it's an honor but i think the big thing is we got to find a way to win. to have people cheering for us, we appreciate that, but we're going to have to play our "a" game. >> we know we're just the bad guys as everyone perceives us to be. we just go out and try to do our job and try to bring the championship back to miami. >> reporter: the mavs also have sentimentality on their side. many of their players are long suffering veterans still looking for their first title. >> it's going to be karma, baby, the whole country behind them and they'll get the title. >> reporter: on the flip side, the heat are the standard bearers of the young generation that includes new orleans' chris paul and new york's carmelo anthony. >> this is the biggest stage and this is what it's all about, and
7:20 am
hopefully we can make history. >> obviously it would be the start of something for our era. you know, something special and hopefully it'll be something that will be talked about years to come. >> reporter: in the months since his infamous decision, lebron has apologized to the city of cleveland for how he delivered the news of his departure but not for the move itself. with that, he is at peace. for "gma" i'm rachel nichols in miami. >> you can see game one of the nba finals between the heat and the mavericks right here on abc tuesday at 9:00 p.m. eastern, 6:00 pacific. i will be watching. >> can't wait for that. coming up, boy or a girl? the couple causing a huge controversy because they're not saying. their decision to raise their child gender-free has created a firestorm. now these parents are fighting back. we'll tell you how they're defending the decision. and lindsay lohan lounging under house arrest. not a bad way to serve out her prison sentence, right? is she getting off too easy? ?.
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♪ ♪ >> this is eerie, dan. >> this is video claiming to be big foot. a woman was out camping and -- >> i just see a human head. >> right. well, that's little foot. that's little foot in the foreground, but beyond that apparently -- see there lurking in the background. this woman says that she took cell phone video and when she got home, she saw it on her computer, and lo and behold, there was b.f. >> that is in washington state. you know what i'd be doing, i'd be running. i wouldn't be filming any of that. >> she said she didn't see it until she got home, so back in the safety of her own home. >> to that eerie theme music. >> right? that was good. >> good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> and i am dan abrams in for dan harris this morning. it's sunday, may 29th.
7:31 am
we hope you're enjoying your holiday weekend so far. and get ready for it to get even better because emeril is in the house and on the grill this morning. he'll be showing us some of his summer barbecue favorites. >> cannot wait for that. you take emeril on, but coming up, we are going to begin with the canadian couple who sparked a firestorm of controversy because they're keeping their 4-month-old baby's gender a secret. after a week of heated debate over their decision to raise a genderless child, the parents are fighting back. linsey davis is here with the story. a genderless child. >> very interesting story. good morning to you, bianna. kathy witterick baby storm's mother has become defiant in the face of criticism. when we reached out to her and her husband for comment, we received an e-mail from the mom who said among other things that the idea that the whole world must know what's between our baby's legs is unhealthy, unsafe and voyeuristic. baby storm remains at the center of a firestorm. well, not exactly the baby itself, but the parents'
7:32 am
decision to keep their baby's private parts private. >> it troubles me that they're using their child to send a message to everybody else. i think that's selfish. >> reporter: hundreds of people have sounded off online posting things like "i feel so sorry for this baby having such stupid parents" and "this little kid is being treated as a lab rat undergoing experiments." it all started when the couple told their friends the gender is not only none of the world's business but they're also not in a rush to reveal the child's identity to the child. eninstead, their hope is that storm will formulate his or own definition of gender roles. instead of those pushed on you by society. they called it then a tribute to freedom and choice in a place of limitation. now they're blasting back at critics. in a letter to abc news storm's mother kathy witterick said "the strong lightning fast vitriolic response was a shock" and proceeded to defend her position. it is demonstrated in research and the day-to-day world that gender stereotyping causes
7:33 am
suffering to both men and women. she then went on to offer her 2 and 5-year-old sons as proof that children don't need sex taught to them in order to feel safe in the world. both have been encouraged to shun gender norms. jazz has long hair he sometimes likes to wear in pigtails and when storm is old enough, he or she will get to have his or her say but many experts have serious concerns. >> i applaud their overall goals here, but, you know, this child is not asking to be this thing and the parents are imposing this role on the child. this kid is being drafted into a war that may hurt him or her terribly. >> many psychologists suggest the children are not a blank slate, that they are predisposed to be certain ways. but the question then becomes how much is gender identity influenced by socialization? in this case it appears society won't come into play very much. even storm's grandparents don't know the identity, whether their grandchild is a boy or girl, but
7:34 am
it's an easy way to get out of diaper duty. >> quite an interesting way for them to express their freedom as they say. >> they won't be able to do it for very long. >> linsey, thank you. we appreciate it. we want you to tell us what you think about this story. go to our "good morning america" facebook page or tweet us @gma. now here with the other headlines this morning we'll check back in with ron claiborne. hi. >> good morning, dan, bianna, linsey. good morning, everyone. in the news, president obama tours the damage from the massive tornado in joplin, missouri, today. the death toll from the storm is at least 139 with 100 people still missing. and defense contractor lockheed martin says it was the target of a significant and tenacious cyberattack. lockheed said it detected last week's attack almost immediately and nothing was stolen. former egyptian president hosni mubarak has been fined $33 million for cutting off cell phone and internet service during anti-government protests earlier this year. mubarak is awaiting trial also on charges of corruption and conspiring to kill protesters. and finally the astronauts aboard the space station "endeavour" begin their journey
7:35 am
home. the next to last flight undocks from the international space station tonight scheduled to land in florida early on wednesday. it is time now for the weather and jackie meretsky. >> thanks very much, ron. good morning again. let's take a look and see what's happening in washington, d.c. a little bit of a hazy start to the day, but it is going to be hot. it looks like we'll get up to about 88 degrees. maybe even 90. all right, maybe we'll show you that live shot. there it is, absolutely beautiful, washington, d.c., and it will be hot right through the weekend. speaking of heat, holiday heat, atlanta, 90 today. memorial day, you could hit 91. very, very warm weather actually anywhere east of the mississippi river and as far as your memorial day weather goes, we do have the threat of severe weather from north dakota all the way down through to nebraska. that's a look at national weather.
7:36 am
this weather report has been brought to you by nivea. bianna and dan? >> jackie, thank you. coming up on "good morning america," it is barbecue season. it's officially here. i'm sure we don't need to remind you to fire up the barbie, but emeril lagasse may be to offer some tips on what to put on there. plus, otter versus toddler. we'll show you who won this race, a trip to the aquarium that will make you go ah! ♪ [ female announcer ] there's a cream... [ female announcer ] ...that's been trusted to care for skin for 100 years. across all generations. ♪
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welcome back. tomorrow is memorial day, of course, which is the unofficial first day of summer. it is also the beginning of the grilling season. >> that's right. >> so it means backyard barbecues, and who better, if you could name one person who would come in and do your backyard barbecue, i'm thinking it's this guy. >> thanks so much. >> "gma's" emeril lagasse. >> thanks, guys.
7:40 am
>> now, emeril, i got to tell you, this is my first "gma" food segment so you got to go easy on me. you can't get too complicated. >> no, no, no, i won't. i'll tell you a quick story about this dish. >> what are we making? >> as we kick off the grilling season, this reminds me of my childhood because as a little boy growing up, we used to go to these portuguese festivals in the summer from memorial day to labor day and this is called cadny spud, a portuguese name for meat on a stick. pay the man, get the meat on the stick, go to the big barbecue, be there with 25 other people. barbecue them. when you brought the skewer back, the stick, they'd give you the bread, and they'd give you the piri piri which is basically a portuguese hot sauce. we're going to make it right now. we have poblano peppers and some -- a little bit of jalapeno we'll put in a sauce pot. >> i want to ask you, can you get all of this is a regular grocery store? >> regular grocery store. any grocery store in new york, of course. pour all that oil for me. all of it is going in there. >> good job, dan.
7:41 am
good job. >> let's hear it for dan. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> so now a little ground pepper and a little salt, okay. that's going to go in here. >> that's a lot of salt. >> now, if you want to make it a little spicy, you can add some of that red pepper. now, basically, that comes up to heat. >> okay. >> if you don't want it heated, you can also do it in a food processor but you got to use it right away that day. it won't store. >> not very kid friendly. it's so spicy. >> no, it's kid friendly. i'll add garlic. this is steeped up now. and it's been steeped up for about 15 minutes. now we'll -- >> hard to do the food segment. >> we'll use an immersion blender and break this down real quick. that's going to be our piri piri or basically our hot sauce. >> so i could have stirred that but it would take a long time. >> right. now -- >> i want that blender. >> strip steak, whatever favorite steak you have, rib eye cut in strips, okay. the skewers, you have to soak.
7:42 am
if they're wooden skewers, you have to soak them so they don't burn up. marinade. basically we're going to take the steak and we're just going to thread it like this and work our way down. >> like sewing, threading the needle. >> exactly, okay. i have some of those right there. so what we'll do now, let's put these on the grill. >> ron. >> ron is our griller. >> ron is the griller. >> okay. >> this i can do. >> now, basically what we have here is some more of that piri piri and we have some skewers. and what you do before you serve it, you just put it on. >> it's going to be good. >> allow me. >> how hot is the piri piri? >> the piri piri has got a medium to medium high -- >> so if i took a spoonful of that, would it be a little rough? >> you would know you took a spoonful. >> when you're done, jackie. >> i'll take a little. >> can i try?
7:43 am
>> yes, absolutely. >> all right. here we go. so the meat, the meat comes right off -- put a little bit on the sandwich. >> it's not that bad. >> put a lot on. >> i was expecting to turn red. >> right, no, no, no. it's not that bad. great, so now look here's what you also do. take some fresh cilantro. >> i think ron is ready to eat. >> he is. >> go ahead. go for it. >> go for it? >> yeah. >> a little more? >> a little more. >> jackie, here you go. happy memorial day. take a bite of that. now, also, also what we have, we have a warm weather potato salad so no mayonnaise. a little vinegar, a little shallots. and a little garlic. fresh herbs. rhubarb is incredibly delicious and in season. a rhubarb and strawberry pie. >> rhubarb is the new strawberry. >> it's the new strawberry, so you put them together. so you put them together. you can get the recipes on "gma." go ahead. >> you did it for me. >> stop talking.
7:44 am
>> i was going to say, you can get the recipe on the "gma" website, but you did it. >> see you, everybody. >> all right. coming up on "good morning america," this is her punishment? we'll take a look at what house arrest means for lindsay lohan. ♪ who do you want me to be o you want me to be ♪ erika: ... my computer is the same as a new computer. vo: so to show her what she's missing, we built a pc store in her house. erika: (gasp) employee: come on in. make yourself at home! erika: this is my home! employee: let's take a look! erika: (lifting laptop) it's really light. honey, help me shop! employee: you can get up to seven hours on this battery. jesse: the color really pops out. employee: everything's wireless. wireless keyboard. jesse: that's impressive. i like this one better. erika: and i like this one... vo: new pc. what's it gonna be? erika: i'm a pc, and i got what i wanted. jesse: as usual. no hoops to jump through to get it? even better. not a big fan of hoops. that's why i have the bankamericard cash rewards credit card. we get 1% cash back on every purchase. there's no limit to the amount of cash back i can earn.
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7:48 am
>> and? >> i've been waiting. all right, so i see the headlines that says woman says she's got videotape of big foot, and i'm hoping that we're going to have that clear video of the lurking eight-foot monster. all right. so, right, but this woman is camping. she says she didn't -- now, watch. kid in the foreground. look behind in the back. >> that's a tree. >> there is behind the tree, behind the tree, there is a figure lurking -- >> where is it, dan? >> there. >> there we go. >> let me put a spotlight on it. >> that's ron claiborne. >> oh. >> walking naked through a park. as i do. >> i mean the question -- >> i don't get why -- why is it that every time there is a video of big foot, it's like grainy and in the distance. >> like the loch ness monster. >> you would think with the amount of cell phones there are
7:49 am
out there, if big foot is there, someone is going to get it. >> we need to move on because i don't think ron and i are friends anymore after that comment. anyone ever been under house arrest? just wondering. no? >> house arrest? >> maybe no one is admitting it. okay, well, i don't think house arrest is something we would typically look forward to, right? let's take a look at lindsay lohan's version of house arrest. looks pretty relaxed. bianna, the hair might be blown out. >> yeah. >> smoking some electronic cigarette. >> is that what that is? >> wearing linen. i mean this looks very relaxing reading scripts and i guess this is the deal for her for the next month. >> she has to look miserable? the facial expressions must be misery. >> i would like her to look introspective, at least. >> so she'd be sitting there when the camera -- >> thinking about her fate. >> looking a little messy. >> tough life for lindsey. >> that's my take. >> okay. well, here's whey found on the internet actually just a few minutes ago. this happened yesterday in new zealand. check this out. this is a guy named jed milvan doing a triple backflip on a
7:50 am
bicycle from starting off 66 feet high, 11-foot launch. >> that is unbelievable. >> isn't that something? >> for three months. >> that is unbelievable. >> a new guinness book of world records. do not try this at home. >> it doesn't look like he's wearing any protection. >> he's got a helmet on. and he practiced for three months over a foam pit. said he was nervous. >> i dare you, speaking of daring, not to say ah. this is my story of the week. take a look at this. it's a cute little boy at the zoo. he spots an otter and, well, he just can't get enough of him, and they start chasing each other. >> ah. >> look at that. >> yeah, harassing an otter. >> harassing an otter. >> my favorite -- >> he keeps going back and forth. >> my favorite part is when he starts taking the otter on. >> the back and forth, so cute. >> that otter needs an agent. >> yes. >> the kid needs an agent. >> well, it's been a fun week for us, right? we got some good stuff out there. if there is a story, video or picture you can't get enough of, let us know and you may see the picture on a future "gma"
7:51 am
broadcast. send it to us on our website, or tweet us @gma. we'll be right back with the final note on this memorial day weekend. or tweet us @gma. for me, it was a calling to be there for the veterans who protect our freedoms
7:52 am
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well, dan, you survived emeril. more importantly you survived ron claiborne. >> i did. thank you all. you've been very nice. >> come back any time. we loved having you. thank you for watching abc news. we're always online at and we'll have more on "this week with christiane amanpour." we leave you now with images across the country of americans planting flags at military cemeteries. this, of course, is really what memorial day weekend is all about. [ playing "taps" ]
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